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Buzz from a True Pro...

Updated: Oct 19, 2018


"Because the songs are so good and the performances so real, it sounds like a classic album that never got released. This is a melodic tour-de-force with some of the best hooks I have EVER heard...a truly inspired and original collection of pop wonders"

- Dirk Kennedy

Composer, Singer, Pianist

Kennedy sang for the band Anthrax in its formative stages when they were merely a garage band. In 1985 he answered an ad in "The Music Paper" and became the lead vocalist for the band Hittman. They released two albums through SPV/Steamhammer records "Hittman" in 1989 and "Vivas Machina" in 1993. Both albums were critically acclaimed. The band were featured on the covers of Kerrang! (getting a near perfect KKKK 1/2) and many other international rock magazines herald them as the next force in Hard rock.

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This stuff is great!!!...really melodic and breezy. Need a drummer? Actually, this album has inspired me to finally one day OFFICIALLY release the over 100 tunes I've written. Richard, this is grea

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