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Like Home, the much anticipated, debut album from Hermetic Seals is being released on April 6th, 2018.

Hermetic Seals is the creation of writer, singer, drummer and guitarist Richard Fronapfel, Like Home is a joyous musical journey throughout many of life’s milestones, from the first track about a first and lifelong love “Things You Do”, to the daily angst of “Invisible Man”, unhappy in his work, to the ebullient “Caliente”, calling listeners to get up and dance, and reminiscent of the 60’s surf music of The Surfaris.

Other songs convey situations: “Comets” is sad and lyrical, about a love gone sour, and a man who’s too weak to leave, and “Like Home” is a sweet, love song, musically inspired by Oasis. “Like Home” has a nice, folksy beat as Mr. Fronapfel accompanies himself in lilting three to five part harmony..

Gentle in its feelings, the songs in the album range in feel from rock to indie pop to folk and call to mind singer/songwriter Neil Young.

The album is a celebration of human emotions, to which anyone of any age can relate, done in a pleasing, almost retro musical style. Highly recommended for those tired of repetition, sexual innuendo, and screaming.

Linda Phillips, Music Critic

The Greenwich CT Citizen

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